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Multi-Roll Industrial High Productivity Deep Chest Ironers
800x3000mm, 1200x3000mm, 1600x3000mm.
Standard Features :
Steam Heated Chest for 150 psi (10 Bar)
Heat Retaining Canopy
Highly Polished Chests
Includes all Piping and Steam Traps
Digital Display Read-Outs
Emergency Stop Button on Front Control Panels and at Rear Left & Right Sides
Independent Powerful Suction Fan on Each roll
Pneumatic Controlled Compression Rolls
Rolls can be Raised and Locked Pneumatically in Open Position for Easy Maintenance
Galvanized Steel Spring Padding with Optimum Tensile Strength for High Gloss Finish and Long Textile Padding Life
Polyester High Temperature Padding
AC Frequency Drive for Adjustable Speed
Panel Control Display for Steam Pressure (analog) and Speed (digital)
Control Button for Rolls-Up and Rolls-Down
V-belt Drive with Advanced Soft-Start Inverter Drive
Jog Control for Simplified Padding Maintenance
Safety Finger Guard Across Full Width of Ironer
Overload Protected Motors
Rolls are Automatically Raised, Stopped and Locked in Raised Position if Machine is Interrupted by Finger Guard
Chest & bridging piece – SS400 steel
Analog Bed Pressure Display
Service panel entry by key
Lifting eye bolt to gearbox
Low Pneumatic Air Pressure Alarm

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